The impact of temple recession

Discuss how hair loss has affected you, someone you know, or a public figure.
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The impact of temple recession


Post by blackg » 1 month ago

I've always been fascinated by the lengths men will go to to hide their hair line temple recession.
The all importance of a hair line is a fascinating concept. Why is it so important to frame our face?

Why does the sight of a receding hair line and the exposure of our temples give off such a negative vibe to our peers?

I heard it once posited on the old forum (by Fred, I think) that once you show the world the shape of your bare upper skull, you are reminding them of death. That's right - death!
While that opinion may be a bit extreme, I think it comes close to tapping into the underlying psychological impact our hair loss has on others.
So I would like to hear the opinions of other members on their unfortunate experiences with what I call "temple shaming".

One of my experiences:
I was at a work function and the wind picked up heavily, I was told by a superior that I "should really put some gel on that!" (my fringe) as I was exposing way too much forehead to be socially acceptable.
It left me a bit stunned.

Anyway I will now post some photos of men and their unfortunate struggles with what I'm talking about.

True exposure:
images (17).jpg
images (17).jpg (20.37 KiB) Viewed 917 times
Working with it:
images (16).jpg
images (16).jpg (18.82 KiB) Viewed 917 times
Stylish cover-ups:
images (15).jpg
images (15).jpg (24.73 KiB) Viewed 917 times
images (8).jpg
images (8).jpg (25.04 KiB) Viewed 911 times

And just plain living with it:
images (12).jpg
images (12).jpg (28.51 KiB) Viewed 914 times
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The impact of temple recession


Post by rclark » 1 month ago

When I had a decent Norwood two hair line, around twenty years ago, I remember an older divorced woman at work
(in her late fifties), commenting how her ex went bald, and making jokes about it.

It was obvious when I was twenty, what was happening to me. Although I am a good Minoxidil
responder, that didn't last long. It only delayed what was ultimately going to happen to me.

It's interesting that in the United States, men still believe that Finasteride, Dustasteride, and Minoxidil
only work on the crown, not the hair line. It's a sad common myth here.

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