Nationalist party has majority youth support

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Nationalist party has majority youth support


Post by That Guy » 7 months ago

"How many people do you actually think believe the same as you, that guy?"

The German, white youth, for one.

As with the recent Saxony and Brandenburg elections, the AfD was once again barred from a total victory because of baby boomers and the non-white voters as well. This time in Thüringen ... e-61579345

The AfD was, once again, first place among voters aged 18 - 35 or so. However, this time, they actually beat Merkel's CDU party, and this time it was the literal communist party "Die Linke" who scored first, again due to boomers and non-whites voting.

I assume that, again, the globalist parties will be demanding more migrants be imported to Thüringen to dilute young, white voting power, as they did the last go around.

Viktor Orban and the Polish Law & Justice Party saw sweeping victories in the recent elections in their respective countries and Salvini and the brothers of Italy have majority support among the polls, and would absolutely win were an election held today.

Hungary also recently fined Coca-Cola for gay advertising loool ... 1572215544

and again, his party had a clear majority. The only place it lost, was Budapest, and this is due to a high presence of foreigners.

At this point, the trends across Europe and such prove my point that more and more whites are waking up to the problems, who is behind them, and supporting the most "far right" nationalist parties available to them. Oh, Germany's also seeing a rise in anti-semitism. ... a-50879966 ... a-50893368

A fair chunk of this probably is to do with all the Muslims, but there's no way it accounts for all of it.

It is the youth, the ones suffering the most under "diversity", who are supporting the supposed "far right", while it is non-whites and boomers supporting open-borders, literal communist parties. People like Nameless.

I hope they have night terrors about the fact that their descendants are going to be even more racially aware than I am, and they will be dead and powerless to stop their own grandchildren from fixing the society they destroyed with progressive, globalist, ideology.

However, there can be no doubt that this is presently a cold race war, and it is getting hotter every day. ... s-arm-axe/ ... ps-survey/


80% of the votes in Italy's regional election in Umbria have been counted.

The Lega party is dominating with Donatella Tesei predicted to win. ... 7W54AaABCQ

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