The group responsible for all our troubles

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The group responsible for all our troubles

Post by That Guy » 3 months ago

So that girl who the media was recently in a frenzy about has returned to YouTube, and she dropped an epic rant about boomers.

You should watch it

Video was deleted on YouTube

(the video is still up that's just the thumbnail)

I'd say she's right on most all points but one thing I've noticed is that she seems to have a lot of mix ups between the millenial and Gen X generations.

For example, toward the end she states that millenials have "Stockholm syndrome" toward boomers.

I can't imagine what it would be that would give her this impression, since millenials are well known to despise boomers, and for exactly the reasons she brings up. A lot of Gen Xers have the inability to blame boomers, though. She also seems to be unaware of the obvious fact that a lot of the people who steered her on this path via the internet were millenials!

I hope she patches these kinds of oversights up in her future videos more, because while her mini essays are usually on point, obvious mistakes like that aren't good; they just give your opponents free ammo.

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