Wuhan are scammers

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Wuhan are scammers

Post by Long John Silver » 2 months ago

Posted this elsewhere and posting here to warn bros:

I was holding back on posting this, trying to see if they will do right and avoid getting into it with trolls, shills and time wasters. I will try and hold back on the bros :)

I had bought 2g of Way from Wuhan.
-it wouldnt dissolve in anything so I tried as little DMSO (as per thread here) as possible

-it gave me these bony bumps on my forehead which were a bit painful and almost like little horns

-I pushed through and they only got worse till I finally stopped

-I didn’t get ANY benefit from their Way

-I did notice tremendously increased shedding (pillow, shower)

I had bought 9g of CB from Wuhan
-I thought I was being clever as I took a little from each packet I received and mixed it up and gave it to my chem friend who tested it at his university lab. He said it was good to go.

-I went through the first pack and nothing to really report except maybe some itching and more hairloss. I went through the second pack and part way through also started using the 3rd pack and I gradually started getting:

irritated dry eyes
secretion in the back of the nose as though I was getting a cold or infection
couldnt sleep well and tired
tight chest feeling and chest pain
difficulty concentrating and feeling spaced out
started feeling sick and nausea
tired and getting headaches
discomfort/pain around backside and stomach
weirdish eye color
bruising and yellowish skin

I kept pushing through, though I slowly kept getting worse bros. I do not believe in placebo/nocebo so either it works or it doesn’t. Slowly kept getting worse. My symptoms kept getting worse and my co-workers were asking if I was ok and I thought maybe its just a cold. I took some cold tablets from the drugstore with antihistamine hoping it might help. Maybe it helped a little or it perked me up a little but I kept pushing through. I then started getting pain around my backside and stomach area. Later on I started getting a temperature and my eyes looked bit weird color. It also hadn’t clicked yet so I kept pushing through but noticed I had gotten couple of bruises mysteriously. I clearly wasn’t getting better so one night when the pain and discomfort got bad I finally went to the hospital. The ER doctor ran some checks and next thing I know I’ve gotten a bed and a flurry of drs/nurses around me and one of them I overhead saying his system is shutting down! They asked me everything I take or have taken including supplements but nothing. I hesitated but finally I told them about CB from China as that was the only thing. The DR literally said ‘that is very foolish of you! Do you know how many people have died from taking things from China’…

They rushed of and ran more blood tests and sent me to the imaging department and it only kept getting worse. They were concerned I was being poisoned and hooked me up to bags of fluids (which afterwards I found out included chelators and other stuff for toxins, poisons and heavy metals). 2 of my results came back that my kidneys and liver were also doing really bad. They injected me with some other drugs and shoved a huge needle right into my neck to put me on emergency dialysis. I was scared as fuck now and clearly it was serious and they kept saying “XXX we are doing everything we can to help you”. They also gave me a bunch of pills and some stuff which they said will help absorb anything in my stomach. I was hospitalized for a while and luckily slowly recovered enough. After I was discharged I was put on a special diet and a host of helpful supplements.

Meanwhile I talked to me friend like what the fuck bro! You said its clear and this shit put me in hospital! He said he did his best and that it looked right to him but he aint a super expert on it and sorry. I was convinced, as were the doctors, that it was the CB and that Wuhan fucked me if anything by selectively scamming me on 1 or 2 or all 3 of the packets I received. So I found a proper specialist analytical lab and after paying a shit ton of money I sent them a sample to test. About a week later I spoke to the analyst who said this was a fake and was not genuine authentic CB. He said it not only had toxins in it but that it was masked ‘beautifully’ to pass initial scrutiny. I was like WTF? My chem friend who is a graduate student tested it at his uni lab and he said yep he isn’t surprised like he said and that he isn’t my friend but someone with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry with interests in steroids and this is right up his alley and why he is paid so much. He also said he compared it to their reference sample and even the color, consistency and texture don’t match. He said this sample is 100% fake and a good one and certainly not the right form. I hadn’t even told them where it was from and he said “let me guess from China?” I said yep but how’d you know? He said they catch fake shit from China every single day, all day! He said sometimes they fake shit using harmless things like mannitol, baking powder, flour, icing sugar, food coloring and sometimes its toxic or poisonous shit and sometimes its lethal/malicious like fentanyl. He also confirmed that is there is ZERO chance Wuhan produces all the things they claim because it would be physically impossible. At best he said they might be traders and like all of them zero regard for your life and all for emptying your wallet. He also said you can’t do jack shit legally to them and they know it.

I tried chasing it up with Wuhan but the fuckers didn’t respond and ignored everything. When they were selling to me they promised 99%. They promised money back. And soon as this issue came up no response to any email from any email account or call. I gave them plenty of time.They just disappeared. I called it on Tianyuan too and was proven right.

Wuhan 100% confirmed scammers!

So what did I get?

With their ‘WAY’ I got bony bumps and shedding.

With their ‘CB’ I got fucked and lucky to be alive I guess.

With the combination I lost 2 NWs and thousands of dollars.

I am done with them and their fucking shills. I am also not going to engage with butthurt bros, idiots, trolls and whoever feels entitled to whatever.

COA and what I was supposed to get 99%:


What I got:


Bruising and yellowing:


Payment and shilling proof:


Scamming proof and no response:


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Re: Wuhan are scammers

Post by blackg » 2 months ago

Thanks for the tip.
I eat ass (taxpayer funded)

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Re: Wuhan are scammers

Post by rclark » 1 month ago

Sorry to read about this. I feel bad for people who get fucked over by scammers.

It's good that you shared this.

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