How to deal with dry hair caused by shampoo ?

Discuss safe bets to mitigate the impact of hair loss: weightlifting, skin care, teeth whitening etc.
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Re: How to deal with dry hair caused by shampoo ?

Post by Xexos » 2 months ago

EvilLocks wrote:
2 months ago
to be honest I have no idea how much growth you can expect and how fast. I have never tired a pure biotin supplement but I used a supplement called Haircare for a while which had biotin in it, and while it did not make me have more hair I noticed it was growing a bit faster in length.
A tea tree shampoo sounds like a good idea. If you are going to use oils you definitely need a good shampoo that's gonna remove all the buildup from the oils.
Well, you should get trims to avoid split ends but not too often. You should ask your hairdresser how often they think you should get a trim. And get yourself a hairbrush with natural bristles, those are much more gentle on hair especially when you gain some length, and will pull out less hair when you brush it :)
Thanks a lot, that's really helpful to be honest. What i meant by growth wasn't thickness, but length.

I'll definitely follow your advice and take care of my hair until i work on other parts of my face until i finally ascend at 20-21 and become an Egyptian Chad-lite or something lol.

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Re: How to deal with dry hair caused by shampoo ?

Post by koolaidshade » 2 months ago

Stan22 wrote:
2 months ago
Yeah, good that you mentioned that because i was thinking about getting biotin 10000. How much growth would i get monthly if i take biotin 10000 everyday ?

My hair is about 2 inches long now and i wish i could get it to 8 inches after i finish this semester (which will finish in 3.5 months), would biotin help my hair grow that much in such a short period ?

The oils i'm considering are 4 (Rosemary, Argan, Coconut, Lavander), all of them will help greatly with the problems of my hair and they will also help with balding too according to some studies, but not very much help, and this along with tea tree shampoo and tea tree conditioner would make my hair really healthy and good looking.

Thing is, it's the first time of my life to use oils because it's also the first time for me to grow out my hair to shoulder length, so maybe you could give me some tips ?
for some people like myself, supplementing biotin can give you acne. I prefer to take MSM as well as collagen instead, since they are both supposed to be good for your skin and joints

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