Hydrocortisone + ketoconazole

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Hydrocortisone + ketoconazole

Post by shadylane » 7 months ago

Has anybody had success with these in cream form, or used them for a sustained period of time?

I have been mixing a small amount of the two with water in a little needle tip bottle and I apply it all over the scalp before bed every 2nd day, my scalp feels much better after it and it seems to stop my itching.

I'm aware that using too much hydrocortisone can thin the skin, but I have been told a small amount of 1% every other shoudln't be a problem.

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Re: Hydrocortisone + ketoconazole

Post by rclark » 2 months ago

It definitely won't be an issue. I put hydrocortisone cream on my hair at least twice a day,
if not more. It is a .1% solution. Wouldn't go beyond that percentage though.

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