Sleeping after hair transplant on the crown

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Sleeping after hair transplant on the crown


Post by JasonStatham » 1 year ago

Well from :bald: to the picture above, is a huge improvement. Now you don't even have to use Toppik for the crown *jealous*

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Sleeping after hair transplant on the crown


Post by supremegentleman » 1 year ago

Wow, you have beautiful hair @Admin.

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Sleeping after hair transplant on the crown


Post by Guest-4 » 8 months ago

Admin wrote:
1 year ago
So I'm sitting here with 1100 grafts on my crown and I have this stupid worry about my recipient area touching the pillow even though I'm using a travel pillow. And I can't seem to find any information about that particular subject on other hair loss forums.

Something like I don't know, should you just sleep on the travel pillow or also put a normal pillow under it?

@JeanLucBB, you're the only one I can think of on this forum that had work done on his crown. Can you tell me what was your experience with sleeping right after your second hair transplant? Thanks :).
One guy that I met at my transplant clinic just slept kind of vertically to avoid this issue, as in he slept lying on his couch. So his crown wasn't touching anything.

I found this clever, but I also thought that it would be difficult. If I get another hair transplant in the future, I'll try and do so by taking sleeping pills.
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