Why is there no news about Shieseido RCH-01?

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Why is there no news about Shieseido RCH-01?

Post by nameless » 5 months ago

I think it's looking like Shieseido RCH-01 is going nowhere. I think that if Shiseido has success with it they would have already broken the news to the world.

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Re: Why is there no news about Shieseido RCH-01?

Post by rclark » 5 months ago

It seems to me that Histogen, and Replicel were once big promises at one time.
Histogen only had an average of fifteen percent regrowth (density).

Replicel does seem to be a good solution in the sense that a person't donor area
wouldn't decrease, and it had an unlimited supply of hair.

It seems that it would be very difficult to do this, as far keeping the follicle alive
through the cloning process? If I remember this correctly, they also had to split
the follicle on the scalp to get the donor hair.

It is definitely a big win if they can get this working. I'm not as knowledgeable about this
as you, but do they have to split the donor follicle to get the hair?

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Re: Why is there no news about Shieseido RCH-01?

Post by Char » 5 months ago

I predict that RCH-01 will be Final Fantasy XV in terms of delays.

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