Better body image after hair transplant

Discuss hair transplant techniques (FUE and FUT), surgeons, results, etc.
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Better body image after hair transplant


Post by Guest-3 » 7 months ago

Afro_Vacancy wrote: 7 months ago Great, I'll try and post some pictures soon, I've just been a little lazy lately.
Great to hear that you and @Admin both are getting good growth from your transplants. Creates more confidence for the procedure in someone like me.
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Better body image after hair transplant


Post by Arjen » 2 weeks ago

Rudiger wrote: 9 months ago That you're a dick.

Nah I don' actually think that about you, but I'm not withholding stories whatsoever, I wrote about this in all those posts you didn't read but still valued as worthless bashing. So basically I'm posting a lot less, I tend to post when I see some bullshit happening, because it's easier than posting longer opinions and getting in discussions.

Note the response of the forum that nobody cares 2 days later that I called you a dick, but when I spoke to Evil in a condescending manner and then clarify that I'm not calling her an idiot generally- what a monster I must be.

Me, you, afro, evil, are all now in agreement that my original point was correct (and it was never going to be acknowledged until I made it) and now the character assassination is still out for me? If you really feel I'm being negative and attacking, then intervene in a particular situation that represents it, because I've seen this so many times when people vaguely assume I'm just attacking people for no reason. It's very easy to step aside, soak up what I'm doing and then later down the line just generally call me negative, I don't even feel (like in this thread for example) like I'm super attacking with most of my "attacks", in fact in any of them on Evil, this thread for example was simply like "what the fuck is that about" not "you're human trash" or anything.

Why did such a simple thing get amplified to such levels where there's all this drama now? Because it's a female, and because she cried about leaving. Nothing was wrong with my original point, it was when she retired that I became a monster, how the fuck does that make any sense?

Here's an example of a story for those who said it literally never happens:

The topic was deleted.

I still get asked about that, but I know what you may be thinking "that's one example, from a year ago" but like I said, I'm simply spending a lot less time posting on here. This very post I had to just leave twice now and come back to it. So I'm simply not spending the time I used to in writing things out, partly due to laziness, but the stories like in the link above I used to write regularly enough, I remember I was accused of the same thing on HairLossTalk (never sharing, never having a self-deprecating story, looking at myself negatively etc) but at that time I had an arsenal of a good handful of stories in the last few weeks that I had posted, lengthy and detailed stories. So for me, it was like, what the fuck? Are people not seeing this side of me intentionally?

But anyway, as I explained before, those stories and even the energy of thinking back and reflecting on a relatable story, it takes time, and my activity in posting has declined significantly (I'm posting a little more in the last month but very little for the year before that, often weeks without even a single post, probably similar to yourself generally sometimes) so the easier posts to make are one liners, and that can include attacking someone (this "attack" word is being used very loosely though)

It may appear I'm more consistently negative looking at my recent posts, yes I'd agree there's a higher percentage of negative posts than usual, but that's because I'm posting less and my normal posts of opinions and stories just aren't happening anymore.

As for being overly negative, and this relates back to Afro's breakdown, when he first started replying to me in this thread I was going to point out his first post, and highlight in red what was practically pointless ad hominems or vague generalisations about me with absolutely no substance. I forgot to do it though, and then remembered when I saw his next post was basically the same, so it's ended up being like a compilation, and fucking hell, can anyone blame me for thinking this guy has had a breakdown? As crazy as my posts have been down the years, even my cocaine "binge" session wasn't as bad as most of this, and it's not the first time he's done it to me either.

And before "well you do ask for this Rudi" no I'm not complaining or feeling like a victim, just focussing on him, and how absolutely fucking nuts this is. It starts off bad and just gets worse.

So just to clarify, I've let uncoloured anything I felt was at least a sentient point (and at times gave him the benefit of the doubt) but in red is just vague ramblings of a fucking mad man.


Since my cell phone's browser didn't have a login cookie, I read your post, and I have to say: you are so fucking narcissistic and presupposing, it's unbelievable.

First, concerning @EvilLocks, you absolutely were nasty to her in a way that was completely unnecessary. You were obviously not trying to give her "constructive feedback", you were trying to put her down. That can be seen in the tone with which you wrote your post, that you didn't bother explaining your position, the fact that you have been attacking her a lot recently and randomly chasing after her, as well as the fact that this is what you do. You genuinely enjoy attacking people, you have by now gone after the majority of the active users here. Nobody has attacked more posters than you have. You have the largest fraction of posts of any active user which are personal attacks, and you're probably proud about it. It is also the case that the point that you made to her was completely useless to write up -- it had already been written. Was there any benefit to reiterating it? Well yes, the benefit was the joy that you derived from attacking her.

Your post also includes this completely idiotic comment:

But let's assume that you actually believe what you wrote -- what would possess you to assume something that is so irrational to assume? You should reflect on that, because the assumption that you made is really dumb. I think that it's simple, and you can take it as constructive feedback. You like to jump to conclusions, and you particularly like to jump to conclusions if it helps you view people in a bad light. Here you're assuming that I'm having a complete nervous breakdown because of a mugging and because I didn't listen to your sage advice -- that's a view of the world which is flattering to you, and which is denigrating of others. Of course you jump to that conclusion as fast as possible, ignoring the fact that it doesn't actually make sense.

What a more emotionally mature person might have done in your situation, might have been to write the following:
"Afro, your emotional response to a mugging seems a little excessive. Are there other things that are bothering you?"
Instead, what you did:
"Shit ! Afro is having a complete nervous breakdown due to a simple mugging from some kids !! That's because he wasn't listening to my advice to be less delusional !! Why don't more of you fucking idiots accept that I'm the benevolent giver of constructive feedback and sage wisdom !?!?"

Please, get some empathy, some tact, and some self-awareness. Your advice is sometimes wise, sometimes not, because you like to presuppose using a framework of the world that is flattering to you and denigrating of others.

PS: You know what's another indicator that you lack self-awareness... relative to other posters, you never poke fun at yourself, you never acknowledge struggle, nothing. As far as you're concerned, it's always other people's fault.


You've done a splendid job of validating my post.

But let's break down something that you wrote: (quote)
Normally, that would be true, but in your case you lack self-awareness, and thus your ability to self-assess is impaired. This in general applies to everybody to some extent, nobody has perfect self-awareness, but you however are exceptional.

I'll reiterate that you never discuss or acknowledge your own failings, your own struggled, and you never poke fun at yourself.
As a contrast, here are some things that other people have written in the past few pages: (really pointless quotes)

You see those examples of humanity? We never see that kind of reflection from you, you only ever show that kind of critique toward others, you never self-assess, you never acknowledge, nothing. That's not normal. I think that part of the reason that you are the most vicious poster on the forum by an overwhelming margin is that you can't acknowledge your own internal struggles, and so you end up channeling that frustration outwards. Given that factor, it is simply not the case that only you can know if that reflects on your or your life life or even your intentions on here.

Now for another point, you wrote this idiotic comment:

People use the term "a couple" to refer to "2,3, or 4" things on a regular base. It's equivalent to how people use the word decimate for large reductions that are different from 90%. Language evolves over time, it's fine. Nobody had a problem with that but you, partly because you like to look for problems, and plausibly because your mind might do it automatically.

Anyway, from Merriam-Webster: (quote/link)

Edited to add: You wrote the following narcissistic phrase (quote)
You don't, you like denigrating others and tearing them down.
If you were actually some sort of Cassandra who liked to shower the truth to the world, your criticisms would be accompanied by praise in other posts. But you give very little praise. You rarely see or acknowledge the good in others and their actions, but you are like a sprinter when it comes to the (alleged) bad.


You've been that way for several years. My first observation of you was that you were chasing Admin and Shookwun around like a maniac. You've since continued and you've written more personal attacks than anybody else, consistently so.

The rest of your post, like the comment above, mostly traffics in delusions, denial, and narcissism.


You've made at least two recent attacks against @EvilLocks prior to the recent one. You have some sort of issue with her, nobody knows what it is, you probably don't even know. You say that you want to give her constructive advice but it's likely that nobody or almost nobody believes you. What is known is that she and myself are your targets du jour. It was somebody else three months ago, and it will be somebody else three months from now.

Of course you don't accept this constructive criticism that you're receiving from two posters. You're not acknowledging a single failing. No, you instead predictably dig in your heels and argue that the fault lies entirely with others. At least you're consistent.


You really jump to the dumbest fucking explanations, you do anything to avoid looking into the mirror and acknowledging that you're simply a narcissist and an asshole.

My "leaving" (I'm still here) had nothing to do with your inane request. The conversation obviously ended because your lack of self-awareness simply makes you profoundly uninteresting and boring. You do not have the possibility to learn as you do not have the willingness to learn -- you incorrectly believe that you know the answers and that you're above the forum. You're only going to repeat, repeat, repeat the same ignorant points over and over again as you try to beat everybody else into submission by posting endless 1,500 word soliloquies.

You write that you feel a compulsion to understand -- but you truly don't.
What you feel is a desire to reframe the world in a manner that paints you in the most positive light and paints others int he most negative light. It's what you've been doing continuously for at least as long as I've known you. It's why you've attacked more members of this forum and the prior forum more viciously than anybody else. You just can't help yourself.

Circling back to this:

The issue is not that you had a misconception of the English language. That happens to everybody from time to time. Everybody makes mistakes, yes even the omniscient @Rudiger can make mistakes.

The issue is that you didn't realize that you might have made a mistake. You saw that someone was using a word in a manner that you wouldn't use, and then, being the narcissist that you are, you naturally assumed that it was the other person who made the error. You didn't even realize the possibility that you might be the one in error until it was pointed out to you with a reference. That is because your first instinct is to always assume that the fault lies with others.


What we still have not seen from you, and now you've had several opportunities to do so, is an apology. You haven't apologized to anybody on this forum for being the asshole that you've been, and you haven't acknowledged fault. Even now, your posts are all "me me me me I'm the omniscient and compassionate Rudiger" except for the parts where you assign blame onto others.

(hahahahaha what the fuck?!


Yeah that's definitely sincere. I'm sure that everybody buys it.


In this case, I think that everybody sees what I do: That you're an insincere little shit.

As for your posting history, it is easy to see what you're doing: You want me to diligently look through your endless library of thousands of insults to half of the forum. You may be an asshole, but at least you're a transparent and thus ineffective one. I stopped while perusing the first page.

You can try to ask others to step into an insane asylum, but don't be surprised when they say no. At the end of the day, you have an absolutely revolting personality, and that limits the interactions that people want to have with you.

I'm glad that most of the forum is immune to your shit by now.


Once more: You can't reasonably expect other people to go dumpster diving. Other people don't want to smell your shit.

Your flames also do not need to be repeated. You have attacked @EvilLocks on at least three separate occasions taking place at three different times, which doesn't include the posts that I didn't read because I had you on ignore. It was malicious of you to attack her, just as it was malicious of you to ask that the attacks be repeated here. It is not surprising that you would ask that the wound be salted: You love to hurt people.

I know that you want to do this all day long, but I don't. I'd rather do interesting things, which includes having discussions with members of the forum that don't just post flames, but that post actual content, from a position of having actual humanity. Back on the ignore list you go.
It does seems like Afro has been trying to mob you 🥴.
Even afro has seen the women I've dated and can affirm that they arent 3s or 4s.

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