FUE with Emrah Cinik's clinic in August 2019

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Re: FUE with Emrah Cinik's clinic in August 2019

Post by JLBB » 3 weeks ago

Afro_Vacancy wrote:
3 weeks ago
I must have had a lot of shock loss, as my hair, in the recipient area, now looks worse than it ever has. That and I took a 14-day break from minoxidil, 3 days before the surgery and 11 days after, approximately, they actually asked for more for some reason.

I guess that this gives me something to look forward to ... My hair should drastically improve over the next 3 to 12 months.

Edit: These are some photos taken pre and post surgery by the surgeon's staff.

Edited to add #2: I want to post more photos but this is the maximum per post. I'll post more in the next post, which can't happen until somebody replies.

Added in 23 hours 27 minutes 17 seconds:
Kinda think it would have been ideal looking at the crown to do extend beyond that 2500 graft limit you gave, a think a few extra hundred in the crown would have been warranted to get that perfect. You're pretty lucky that your temple points remained strong and the width of the overall balding area is small compared to many, the frontal third should work out well.

I'd probably give it 5 months before it looks *better* though, beginnings of growth at 3-4 months look just as bad, potentially even more noticeable as hairs are all at different lengths.

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Re: FUE with Emrah Cinik's clinic in August 2019

Post by Afro_Vacancy » 2 weeks ago

It's now a little over a month since my transplant.

My hair has never looked worse lol. I lost all or nearly all native hairs in the recipient region, I hope that this is shock loss and that they come back in a few months. As for the transplanted hairs, I'm curious why they have not all fallen out. Some of them are still there, still ~1 cm long or whatever, looking like stragglers. Is that normal?

The itch is now reduced by ~95%. I do have a little bit of sensitivity. I might start micro needling in a few weeks.

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