Best hair transplant surgeons in Europe or Turkey

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Best hair transplant surgeons in Europe or Turkey


Post by supremegentleman » 1 year ago

Who are the best surgeons in Europe or Turkey? I heard a lot of good things about Dr Koray Erdogan from Istanbul and results on his website are great but he is quite expensive and also lately I've seen a video and a guy after getting 3000 grafts was very thin. Here is the video
The results of @Admin from Dr De Reys seem to be quite good and also I had a glance at the prices and they are way cheaper and affordable. Also Belgium is quite close to where I live. In this video of Erdogan's results seems a lot better but it was 2 years ago.
I would like to know your opinions on the top surgeons out there, who would you get your hair transplant from?

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Best hair transplant surgeons in Europe or Turkey


Post by JasonStatham » 1 year ago

Both surgeons are very good and you can't do anything wrong with either of those.

You have to be aware that there is a chance that even if you chose the best surgeon in the world, that you could get a mediocre result. That's just the reality of the industry no one talks about. Not everyone is the best candidate for a hair transplant and a lot of factors play a role.
Our Admin looked bald as fuck and now has hair. He chose a good surgeon and had good results. Myself I took a good surgeon and are hoping to get the "same" good results.

The tranny with the Erdogan results is okay-ish. But you don't know what this guy or whatever lifestyle he/she has. Could be popping hormone pills every morning but his/her hair is still looking good despite that.

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