What's up with Milla Jovovich's hair line?

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Re: What's up with Milla Jovovich's hair line?

Post by Marki » 6 months ago

JeanLucBB wrote:
6 months ago
Density has 100% got worse which is to be expected, not convinced the hair line has changed.
I'd give you the benefit of the doubt based on density plays a part in covering temples. But wetted down it's more exposed like in this pic.
We'd have to ask her out, then observe her hair line when she leans forward to eat.
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Re: What's up with Milla Jovovich's hair line?

Post by EvilLocks » 6 months ago

Marki wrote:
6 months ago
Not sure if you are jesting, I'd say big difference in recession and density.
She has her hair parted differently in the pictures, if she had side part on both it would look the same. She's not balding.
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