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Discuss safe bets to mitigate the impact of hair loss: weightlifting, skin care, teeth whitening etc.
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Re: Weightlifting thread

Post by BaldingChicken » 2 months ago

I'm not sure if this belongs here and it may be a stupid question, but is small doses of creatine a good idea? I've been taking finasteride for 5 years and working out off & on for a couple years but recently started taking it more seriously because I'm tired of being a beta loser.

I did some research myself and it didn't seem to have too much science to back it up other than 1 study and some anecdotal evidence, but was wondering if the fact that I take finasteride would make any difference or not. I just can't afford to lose the little hair I have left so I'm quite unsure.

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Re: Weightlifting thread

Post by kj6723 » 2 months ago

koolaidshade wrote:
2 months ago
nice, 4 days a week is plenty especially if you're doing muay thai and hiit on top of it. You should try jump roping like most boxers do for your HIIT. Keeps things fun.

what im doing right now is:
monday - kickboxing and abs/bodyweight workout
wednesday- same as monday
friday, saturday, or sunday - dumbbell benches and pullups/rows, abs, some cardio or jump roping

sometimes i'll do steady state cardio like stairmasters on tuesdays or thursdays if i feel like i've eaten too much during the week

I dont even do isolation exercises except abs now. saves me time and i dont want my arms/legs to get too big. I wouldnt mind a tiny bit more mass on my chest, shoulders, abs and neck though

also i actually workout at planet fitness, and its pretty chill there. its very clean compared to most gyms and always plenty of free room/equipment. doesnt hurt that there's some cute girls there and since you're at planet fitness instead of golds gym, you're not always automatically labeled as a stereotypical gymcel, i guess especially if you're seen doing stretches, abs, and jump roping.
I do jumprope somtimes, I used to do it a lot although I don't as much now because the calisthenics room in my gym where there's space for it is often being used for zumba and spin classes or whatever. I've gotten pretty decent with it over the years switching feet and doing across the body and stuff. The one thing I've never gotten very good at that I'd like to is double unders, but maybe one day

I actually only just used the stairmaster for the first time ever in this last month, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I've seen people using it over the years but never gave it much thought....turns out I've been missing out. I made a HIIT workout out of it by turning it all the way up for the last 20 seconds of every minute to jog up the stairs....can literally feel the calories dripping off of you

I've had a planet fitness membership on and off in the past....I can make it work but in general it's not for me if there's another decent and affordable option in the area. I like having options for heavy free weights, being able to superset, and yes even grunt and breathe heavy to bang out an extra rep or 2 :D . I understand the appeal though of the price and the 24 hour thing, those are definitely the 2 things planet fitness has going for it. My current gym actually matches PF's $10 a month, but it's not 24 hours

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White Ferrari wrote:
2 months ago
No arm day.

Do you even lift?
Nah bruh xD xD

In all seriousness though my arms get hit plenty with my chest and back workouts. I literally haven't done a bicep curl in years

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