Weightlifting Thread

Discuss safe bets to mitigate the impact of hair loss: weightlifting, skin care, teeth whitening etc.
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Re: Weightlifting Thread

Post by Afro_Vacancy » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:28 pm

I just had surgery so I cannot left weights for six to weight weeks, following which I'll have to start over with very light weights.

In the meantime, I'll try and stick to reduced calorie consumption with less added sugar (which is difficult for me), and I might start getting massages.

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Re: Weightlifting Thread

Post by kj6723 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:04 pm

Rudiger wrote:
Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:08 pm
Whenever I read other people's workouts I feel like I don't know what's going on, but thanks for posting all of it.

You're in great shape so clearly you know what you're doing but for example, I'd never start off jogging or with such a long period of cardio before heavy lifting because well, energy, and maybe you're fit enough that 30mins of jogging wouldn't dent your energy but I just don't understand the benefit of it, and then box jumps, uhm... huh? At this point of the workout? Then the 4 warm up sets man, haha I don't get it! Sorry!

Maybe I'm so unfit but I couldn't do such a gradual build up to lifting closer to my maximum, so for example with incline db press my 1RM is about 40kg (I've never actually tried, but I'm comfortable for 10-12 reps at 30kg and at 35kg could do several good form reps, so probably more than 40kg is 1RM) so if I haven't done my chest at all, I'd do 1 set with 20kg dumbbells and maybe 15 reps. Then pushups, possibly some scapula work, and I'm going at least 30kg if not my ideal target of 35kg and pushing for 8 reps (usually failure).

That's like, straight in to it, in comparison, If I took 4 warm up sets, and then a few lighter sets, and by my 7th set I'm finally at 35kg, I really doubt I could comfortably do the 7-8 reps I'd be aiming for. I guess I also don't understand the importance of doing it this way, for just one exercise, when normally I'd go through 3-4 chest exercises like this pretty quickly.

But I've been spending 2 hours in the gym recently, I have been doing my normal splits of Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps and Legs/Shoulders, but I do more of a warm up, I do HIIT between splits (so 3 sets of Chest, then 15mins of intense cardio and then Triceps) and after 2nd muscle I do 20mins or so of kettle bells, some plank and kettle bell russian twists, finished by ab crunch machine. Then I'll do 10mins of swimming but anyone who starts swimming after a long time out will know- it's just simply not possible to just start off again and treat this as proper cardio. I can only do 1 length at a time, and at first I was taking like 2min rests, now I don't need much of a rest between lengths so probably soon I could break that barrier of having to stop, and at least doing 2 lengths in a row.

Then 10mins steam room and 5mins sauna, I had no idea how many calories this can burn at the end of a workout. The whole aim of this new workout is to cut body fat by the way.

However I've lost practically any weight at all in 2 weeks. I know it's tough to lose weight but I'm disappointed because I normally lose weight easily when I put my mind to it, and I've gone from having a very poor diet (Domino's 3 times a week, other takeaways, subway, just constant takeaway food and sugary drinks too) to eating plain chicken and vegetables daily, and less calories too, but not losing much weight at all.

So I'm going to put more focus on cardio now, and not just swimming because it's not burning enough calories, but back to running too. Instead of 6 days of lifting, I'm doing 3 full body workouts and 2-3 days of just cardio and core (of which I haven't figure out exactly what yet but running, bike, ski erg machine, then kettle bells and core).

But here's the fairly simple weight lifting aspect for each day:

1 set of each, 4 reps
Chest - Bench Press
Back- BB Row
Shoulder- Rear Delt DB lift
Legs- Leg curl
Biceps- Decline hammer curl
Triceps- Dips

Legs- Squat
Biceps- BB curl
Chest- Downward cable crossover
Back- DB Rows
Triceps- Kickbacks
Shoulders- Lateral raise 1.5

Back- Deadlift
Shoulders- Overhead press
Legs- Leg press
Triceps- Pushdown
Chest- db decline fly
Biceps- 1 arm cable pull
I only just wrote this up so it's likely to change, but for me that's kind of exciting to try such a simple routine. I'm normally looking at hammering each angle of each muscle throughout the week
I would've thought the same thing concerning the amount I'm able to lift following cardio, but I've actually found my numbers are barely different between when I start with a hard cardio session and when I just do a 5-10 min warmup. After my cardio I also walk for a few minutes, and then stretch out some, so there's some recovery time between activities. On the weekends I also take a pre workout drink before or during my cardio so that it kicks in as I'm finishing up and switching to the lifting, which also helps with getting a second wind(I don't do this when I workout at night during the work week because I've found the pre workout can keep me up late). Doing hard cardio after a heavy lifting session, particularly on leg day is generally unappealing to me....I've tried both before and after, and doing the cardio before is definitely where I thrive. Different things work for different people though

My first couple warmup sets are extremely light, like just the bar or not even half of the weight I'm going to be using when working to failure....kind of just helps with getting used to the motion and pumping some blood to the muscles specific to that exercise. The next warmup set or two is generally a bit heavier, to put some tension on those muscles and get them ready for the heavier weight, but still not going to failure. And if I'm switching to an exercise targeting completely different muscle groups I like to repeat the process. I've found this works well for me. Also adds a few more minutes so if someone is looking to just get in and get out of the gym it's completely understandable they wouldn't want to bother with all that.

I'll be interested to hear how your full body routine works out. It crosses my mind sometimes to try it out, but right now I'm really enjoying hitting the muscles, particularly my legs, in high volume.

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Re: Weightlifting Thread

Post by Rudiger » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:37 pm

So @kj6723 my full body workout review- I highly recommend it. More than German Volume Training.

However, there is a few things to consider here-

I've been trying to do full body for about 6 weeks, however I had a really bad back at one point (turned out not to be serious luckily and isn't troubling me over a month later), I generally had some motivation issues, and for the last nearly 3 weeks I've had a mind numbing cold. It's actually from stopping smoking completely for the first time in over a dozen years (I should probably write in the smoking thread actually).

So basically- I've been a lazy shit. Compared to the me who got minimum 4 decent workouts a week, up to 6, doing splits.

With that taken in to consideration, that half of these 6 weeks I've done only 3 work outs max (although that's all I am for), and a few of them I only did 1 day (lol) as well as a week off, I still feel and can see some definition, despite being a lazy bastard.

So that's quite amazing. In particular I can feel my triceps and shoulders/traps, the upper part of my chest and my moobs are pretty damn tense even resting, so with lower body fat I'd probably look pretty defined with good muscle separation. Biceps I'm not quite as convinced on but no losses there, and with the more rounded front delts my biceps do give a more visual appeal at least. Legs I don't really care as much about but the improvement has been similarly impressive to shoulders, so I'm pretty happy with that as I've never taken the time to notice my legs, now it's hard not to notice how they just feel (aesthetically probably look no different at all really though, but legs do take a lot of work and focus to look aesthetic). And my core feels so much better too, again if I got down to below 15% body fat then it might look very aesthetic, for now I can feel and see in the mirror the upper part of my abs is much improved (not defined though). My lats/back and obliques are noticeably changing as well, lats being like nothing else in the past 2 years for change (an area I thought would never truly improve)

So with minimal effort, very inconsistent focus on diet, this has to be rated very highly. Of course the real proof would come if I could just dedicate myself more, but there's always tomorrow...

I have a lot of friends who quietly swear by full body workouts, but as they don't tend to push their ideas too much I was never convinced why. It was also some YouTubers who also convinced me (Scott Herman mainly, lolol) and I really think there's something to this.

So here's my workout as well- basically to make things interesting I thought up of different supersets and things. I also tried to design a plan that focused on one compound per day (bench day Monday, deadlift Wednesday, although squat along with overhead press as well on Friday) but thought a lot about how to mix going heavy another day on each muscle group, but lighter one of the days with more focus on tension and high reps.

I also wrote previously about how I couldn't imagine doing full body 3 times a week as it's not working each part of each muscle on that day of training, so that's the idea of the supersets. I'm not just doing one exercise per day on each muscle, but not killing myself either.

4 Sets for Everything-
Normally 3-6 reps on the first few exercises for strength, 8-12 rep range on the later exercises.

Chest - Bench Press
Legs- Leg press
Back- DB Row
Biceps- EZ bar curl
Triceps+shoulders super set:
DB kickbacks + arnold press
lateral raise + tricep pushdown

BACK- deadlift
LEGS- leg curl
Downw. cable crossover+DB overhead extension
DB decline bench+dips
Cable lateral raise+cable bicep pulls/curls
Decline ham curls+DB rear delt raise

Legs- Squat
Shoulders- Overhead press
T bar row+decline db flys
Lat pulldown+front plate raises
Cable rope h.curl+pushdown
Chin ups+Kickbacks

So I have some friends who are quite swole, some are personal trainers, one in particular thought everything about the above was hilariously retarded (and I could tell the others were possibly in agreement with him but being polite).

One guy however is intrigued and is now in his 2nd week out of 6 for trying everything I have outlined above. As he's someone with consistency in diet and workout routine, as well as years of experience, it would be more interesting and conclusive to see what he thinks of it.

But away from my own routine, overall as long as a person is doing full body workouts, I really can't see a better long term solution. It's still fairly early for me in this of course, but I can only really see myself going back to split routines if I tried GVT again
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