Weightlifting thread

Discuss safe bets to mitigate the impact of hair loss: weightlifting, skin care, teeth whitening etc.
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Re: Weightlifting thread

Post by koolaidshade » 1 month ago

Afro_Vacancy wrote:
1 month ago
Hopefully I can keep this plan up for a couple months:

- Weigh myself every morning, and keep a log in an excel spreadsheet. Helps with motivation;
- Fast until 12:00pm, and don't eat until a few hours before bed, on most days;
- Eat more protein. I figure if I add 1 shake a day I should be able to break ~100 grams of protein a day;
- Pilates twice a week. I had previously dismissed pilates in conversations with @Hairblues and @EvilLocks, I've changed my mind. The one that I'm doing now, it's at a yoga studio and without machines, seems quite effective at targeting abs, lower back, butt, thigh, hips, and I think that doing it twice a week should be enough to build genuine core strength.
- Weight training once every five-to-seven days followed by time in the sauna. I've designed a single full-body program where I will do three to five sets and lift to failure.
- Acupuncture once a week. Possibly useless but we'll see ...

This is neither the easiest nor the hardest program, so it should be feasible and give me decent gains. Wish me luck.
didnt read the whole thread but crank it up a bit

weight training 3 times a week, until you get desired body and then 2x a week to maintain

a few sets (3 or 4) of moderately heavy (8-12 reps) chest presses (barbell or dumbbell bench), t bar rows, shoulder presses, pullups/lat pulldowns.

sprints/jump rope/running for legs, and then throw in some ab work.

once in a while i will do squats, but my legs are already muscular and i want my shoulders/chest/mirror muscles to look nice in proportion


other than that your routine looks pretty solid, healthy

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