Guys, can't you please be more selective? :p

Since hair loss and dating are closely intertwined: discuss how to improve your chances with women.
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Guys, can't you please be more selective? :p


Post by Arjen » 4 months ago

Pat wrote: 1 year ago You're a part of the problem in this situation. Stop sleeping around with women below your looks rating and settle down with someone you actually like. You're trading long term happiness for short term happiness and lack of responsibility, in the process you're ruining women's long term happiness and destroying the chance of their looksmatch finding a relationship. It's better for all parties involved if you and other guys like you stop living this hedonistic lifestyle.

Also are you joking with the narrow hips part? I can't tell.
Even afro has seen the women I've dated and can affirm that they arent 3s or 4s.

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