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Since hair loss and dating are closely intertwined: discuss how to improve your chances with women.
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Dating tips thread


Post by Guest-4 » 1 year ago

Pat wrote: 1 year ago Good luck in your future endeavours in the dating market.

I’m curious as to what statue it was. And is confederate inherently racist? In Norway all the rednecks use the flag on their caravans. From my limited knowledge the confederate states were states that didn’t want to follow US laws. In the US it seems that the confederate have become a token of racism, but I think it’s kind of cool to extricate from the country, live by your own rules, be proud of who you are, and go to war for what you believe is right. I think that’s what they symbol to many people.
Symbols have no intrinsic meaning, they're just shapes and colors. The meanings are what we make of them and are thus subjective.

I think that the stars and bars have two meanings. The first is "rebel" and is innocuous in intent. The second, however, is racist. Though it may not have always been the intention, it's the case that racists always parade the confederate flag in the USA, which they now often mix with the swastika and the German Iron cross. They have expropriated the symbol and made it their own, and thus that is the meaning to most people living in the USA.

With the case of the statues, they were not built uniformly throughout American history, rather, than were usually built in periods of great racial upheaval.


That tells you what they're really intended for.

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