3 AM thoughts: too much humor is bad

Since hair loss and dating are closely intertwined: discuss how to improve your chances with women.
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Re: 3 AM thoughts: too much humor is bad

Post by rclark » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:24 am

That Guy wrote:
Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:00 am
On HairLossTalk, I see someone said in a thread, regarding women of course, "don't forget to be funny 24/7!" to which I responded, and will share my thoughts here:

It's been my experience that too much funny, too often, is off-putting even if you are attractive. Shit, I don't like people who seem to be cracking jokes constantly. Too much humor, even if it's good, gets grating after a while and becomes difficult to take them seriously. Not good, in my opinion.

Last week, I was flirting this cute blonde in the line at the movie. We got kicked out of the theater for a bit and had to line up again, at which point I resumed. I was careful in the conversation to pick my battles with my jokes, and most of them were just opportunities to put a clever spin on something she said or brought up so that it came back on her so that she gives that sort of "touche" smile and head tilt back, but not to the point that I'd come off as patronizing — long story short, it ended well for me.

But I think that a lot of guys go for the "Women love funny! If I shove jokes and buffoonery down her throat constantly, maybe she'll let me shove my dick down there too!"

Sometimes things can get far too serious. especially on an Internet board, because it's more "honest", in the
sense that it's anonymous.

It sounds like it came off good for you, so something went right for you.

With the internet, and all the choices women have, it's probably even harder to get anywhere, as
email, and everything else, is a line of communication.

I had a coworker, ask to meet a group at a restaraunt, and I like Indian food. I didn't know if she was
being sincere or not (she is my manager, and she said it to other people).

I do like Indian food, and I actually eat every day. She is Indian, and I don't know if she thinks
that I'm racist, full of shit, or is being sincere.

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