Adding dutasteride to finasteride

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Adding dutasteride to finasteride

Post by Johnt1997 » 1 year ago

Hi guys

As i told you's all the other week, I went to go and see Bisanga in Brussels last week but he rejected me due to my age and potential of advanced hair loss. I have decided to take stock over the next few months, keep an eye on any developments in the research world and then plan my next move. One thing I am currently considering though is adding dutasteride to my current regimen. The Dr advised that i use it once a week to help guard against further thinning

Has anyone here tried this and is it worth it?

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Re: Adding dutasteride to finasteride

Post by kj6723 » 1 year ago

Truth be told I am strongly considering adding dutasteride 3x a week myself, completely for preventative purposes.

I just want as close as possible to 99% peace of mind that my male pattern baldness will not be progressing

I'm also wondering if I should freeze some sperm

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