How to stop finasteride properly?

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How to stop finasteride properly?

Post by Baldingat20 » 8 months ago

Maybe I’m out of my mind but latley I’ve been thinking of quiting finasteride and shaving my head. In the 2 years I’ve been on it , it has maintained my hair well however I believe I am suffering sexually from this drug. It is hard for me to achieve and maintain a full erection and I almost never get random erections or morning woods.

I hadn’t thought much of this until latley and began obsessing about it so some of this is anxiety induced but things like having less morning woods are not. I am just thinking maybe I should take a break from finasteride but it is a very hard descion- choosing between your hair our good erections. I know that hair probably makes a bigger impact on life satisfaction than a few random boners but I want to feel ... normal again?

I feel like a 40 year old man requiring physical stimulation to get it up. I guess there are ED drugs to combat this but I don’t know. Even having hair or looking good is kind of over rated. People already don’t pay me much notice - would it really be that different if I am bald? Keeping in mind I would go from around a 6/10 to a 3/10 I am still considering it

I am wondering for anyone who did this , was it worth it? Also should I quit it right away or try to come off slowly by taking it every other day?

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Re: How to stop finasteride properly?

Post by rclark » 8 months ago

You're not out of your mind. This is actually a common side effect. I read about this all the time in hair loss blogs.

There are guys that even get this when micro dosing.

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