What's up with these amazing recoveries? e.g. Somebody

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Re: What's up with these amazing recoveries? e.g. Somebody

Post by White Ferrari » 2 weeks ago

Somebodyalex wrote:
2 weeks ago
Hey it’s Somebody (Alex), someone just mentioned this forum. Since you guys are discussing my results. I can as well post in here.
For those who don’t know me, I was able to get full recovery from male pattern baldness in 2014. I have kept my regrowth ever since. Full set of hair and in control of my hair loss.
How? By understanding main issue behind my hair loss.
In my case it was inflammation in combination with dht. By solving those two factors I was able to regrow it all back by minoxidil and microneedling.
Here is inspiring story from a guy who got my help. I thought this would give anyone hope who struggling with hair loss and wondering what possible to regrow

No before pics of the guy you helped = didn't watch

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