Is finasteride a hair growth stimulant?

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Is finasteride a hair growth stimulant?


Post by rclark » 6 months ago

Yesterday I was getting my hair styled in an expensive salon. The price was 45 dollars, for
men it is usually around thirty dollars.

The person who styles my hair, who I've been going regularly off and on (sometimes I get a buzzcut,
and it's stupid for me to pay expensive money for something that a person can do themselves, but
I am a regular client, so they have no need to lie to me). He's done my hair off and on since 2013, so
I don't think he would lie.

One of his male clients, who doesn't suffer from hair loss, is sixty two years old. He had a benign Prostate
issue, so he was taking a much higher dosage, five milligrams, daily.

My hair stylist said his hair grew twice the rate (in his case, from 0.5 inches to one inch monthly), in addition
to turning straight (it was curly).

This is five times to dosage used for hair loss.

I'm trying to grow my hair longer, and I was thinking of trying this. I'm "over the hill", so it's not like
I'm giving up a great life with "rusted" pipes, so to speak.

He might just be telling me what I want to hear, because for me longer hair is hard to style, and I'm not
able to cut it myself (some guys can though).

What do people think?

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