Comedians tackling mental illness

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Comedians tackling mental illness


Post by Johnson » 7 months ago

Nearly every adult has suffered mentally at some point. This video on mental illness and how comedians have lived with it may be helpful all of you: whether that's seeing others go through what you go through, or just being able to see other peoples experiences so you can better understand their behaviours.

On a day where many people feel it more than any other, know that you are not alone in this.

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Comedians tackling mental illness


Post by rclark » 5 months ago

This is a really inspiring post. I actually look like Rainn Wilson, and I couldn't even recognize him at first.

He's actually only a few years older than me, but he looks younger.

Maybe comedy really is good therapy. That is really some messed up stuff that they went through. I kind
of wish I could get the stories of the lesser known people, but I definitely really liked the two who I did

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