The discrimination against men with long hair

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The discrimination against men with long hair


Post by rclark » 3 months ago

Xexos wrote:
3 months ago
So i'm growing my hair out and it's getting long pretty fast, it's a bit thin on the front (duh), but it's thick and wavy everywhere else. I think it's gonna look pretty good once it's long enough to fall down and gets taken care of properly.

I was struck though when i was googling how women and society in general view long hair, and i was pretty disgusted and disappointed to be honest. Nearly all women stated that they HATE long hair on men even if it looks good or the man is attractive. They think it's a sign of weakness and femininty. I was also shocked to know that most jobs will downright reject you if you have long hair since it doesn't look "professional" to them. Society also deep down thinks that you're a faggot or gay if you have long hair for some reason.

I honestly don't get it, throughout history men have had long hair, it was a sign of nobility and power and it also looks pretty good if it's done right. But society and women think that if you don't have short hair like almost every other man, you're worthless and feminine as a man.

I don't care though, i'd rather die poor without a job and single than change something i like about myself for the sake of other people. They can go fuck themselves, i only care about what i think about myself, and as long as i'm satisfied, nothing else matters to me.
That is a very good attitude to have. Even if you are just looking for someone who is a friend, you will only find insincere people who are so judgemental they don't like you for your hair. This is true for both friends you want to just hang out with, and people you want to date.

Let's be honest, would we turn down a woman because she has short hair? It's fake. Some women look good with short hair. Sinead O Connor is one of them.

Short hair is a Christian/Judeo tradition. In some countries, such as India, it is not a big deal. They don't give a shit, and lots of men have long hair and ear decorations as well.

Lot's of professional men with high paying jobs have them. Richard Branson is one of them. He is the Virgin Mobile CEO.

In my own opinion, I would think that the same is true in Arab countries.

A woman having a buzz cut short hair doesn't make her a lesbian, or not and can be just as effiminate as a woman with longer hair. It doesn't mean she has a deep voice and sounds like Rosie O Donnel in real life.. I dated a woman who looked a female professional basketball player. She shaved her head, dressed in sweat pants. It was some of the best sex I ever had. She didn't have bigger muscles than me, but she definitely had other features that were more masculine.

A lot people made fun of me when I had "super long" hair. I grew my hair all the way down to my waist. I am six foot tall, so that
had to be at least three feet long. At the time I just worked manual jobs to help pay my way for college. These weren't the greatest
jobs, but I was able to stay employed at the same job.
We all go out of our way to some degree to please other people. If your hair isn't really important to you, and a woman says to cut it, who gives
a shit?

If it is important to you, don't compromise with it then. She can adjust her likes, if she is attracted to other features you have.
Some women don't care about hair length at all, so they might think you're a pussy for even discussing it with them.
That's a completely different story. If a person is controlling in a relationship, even if it just about hair, they are going to be that way in other
areas as well.

In my experience, as far as being judgemental, men are no different either. Some are, and some are not. A lot of men also made fun
of my hair length.

I found this to be more true in certain areas of the United States then others.

You need to watch out for people like that.

Some people are just dicks.

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Johnson wrote:
3 months ago
Long hair, much like big muscles or tattoos, or anything deviating from typical beauty norms, frequently have a polarizing affect. While many women will claim to hate such things, and some very much do, there are also a good proportion of the population who indeed adore these features.

Specifically focusing on long hair: its apparent when we think of many heart throbs of old (Leto, Depp, Styles) that a significant number of women prefer this feminine form of male beauty. To go further, some women are repulsed by classically masculine looks of the likes of Russel Crowe or Clint Eastwood.

Ultimately, its a case of different strokes for different folks. We've all got our own tastes and our own quirks. So long as the styles we choose are aligned and authentic to what we genuinely like then there will nearly always be a subset of the population who will indeed appreciate you for it.
Well said.

Some women only like short hair on men. Some only like long hair. A lot of women don't care.

A woman who doesn't care about hair length is a better than gold.

If you can find a woman that doesn't care about baldness, you have something good that money
will never buy.

It's a preference.

I prefer tall women, at least five foot eight or taller. I have nothing against shorter women, but I am not
physically attracted to them. I would still be kind to them, that wouldn't change my personality around them.

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