Does me liking this guy's behavior mean I've become bitter towards women?

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Does me liking this guy's behavior mean I've become bitter towards women?


Post by C4L » 1 year ago

used old divorced 5/10 facially curry girl...

vs Chad 7.5/10 (he is 7 but put much effort in style, hair, facial etc)
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Does me liking this guy's behavior mean I've become bitter towards women?


Post by Arjen » 1 year ago

EvilLocks wrote:
1 year ago
I thought you could to with a little tough love haha :lol:
No, I wouldn't really agree with that, but of course I can only speak for myself and partially for my female friends and family members.
Of course, women care about looks. But at the end of the day, we're looking for someone who gives us ''that'' feeling, that exciting feeling where nothing else matters, and it doesn't necessarily only happen with the top 10 percentage of males.
You're going to find yourself old and alone (sorry for being blunt) if you keep looking for the perfect looking woman, because even if you find her, it takes a lot more than just looks to make a relationship work long-term.
I'm afraid you're in a vicious cycle and those can be hard to break, unless you're willing to work on yourself first. The women you meet will never be good enough unless you let go of this mindset. Or you'll get frustrated because the women who you do deem good enough are not interested in you.
Everyone wants to be with someone they find attractive, it's only human nature. But to pick apart someone's looks and look for flaws or question yourself if they are beneath you or not, is not healthy.
Besides, once you really get to know a person such flaws can become insignificant or even charming if the chemistry is right. It all boils down to sexual and emotional chemistry when it comes to relationships.
It all makes sense what you write and it's "how it should be" in my ideal world as well, but it's not like I've lived in this vicious circle all my life. I used to be far more positive, naive, optimistic, light-hearted, and less analytical and judgmental. What has always remained the same is my aspiration: to be with somebody who is attractive to and compatible with me. I am the first to admit that girls are like are probably always at least above average looking, but in no way am I looking for (or would I feel at ease with) physical perfection in a partner. It's just, looking back, I've always hit a wall, but only with women I find attractive, so I can't help but think it's actually women who (subconsciousy) measure your value and even sacrifice things like a great vibe for better looks, if yours are deemed inferior to theirs. I've seen it happen to other men as well: having it so easy being the same person when the woman is several points below them in terms of looks, but never standing a real chance romantically when they are looksmatches or above. This is why I've started to look at mating dynamics a lot from this point of view, including the video I linked; again, he gave off prick-vibes from the start, yet she was more interested in him, ignoring the red flags, so yeah, it's low and petty of me, but I think she got what she deserved.

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Does me liking this guy's behavior mean I've become bitter towards women?


Post by blackg » 1 year ago

I don't think she has ever really been in love, myself.
When you fall In love you totally do have to lose a part of yourself and put your faith in another.
Sure, you may get this part of yourself back once outright trust is formed in the relationship, but in the early stages, you gamble.
And that means giving away a healthy amount of your equilibrium.

This woman was too inexperienced and also had unreasonably mid-to-high standards.
So.. in the end this Punjabi princess was left sipping her ice water alone.

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C4L wrote:
1 year ago
used old divorced 5/10 facially curry girl...
Too harsh, D4L.
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