Are these the new Walmart greeters?

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Are these the new Walmart greeters?

Post by rclark » 11 months ago

After terminating a position that involves checking store receipts as people walk out the door, Walmart
decided to distract the public by making a "pro gay" video. ... 35668.html

The company is known for not giving employees health insurance, and paying minimum wage. In addition,
they are known for using free community resources to help them avoid work injury lawsuits. Now, they are getting
rid of greeters, who are people used to help their bad employer image. ... 12815.html

A greeter just says hello and goodbye as people enter and exit the store (that's what they really do, and no, despite news
claims generated by Walmart, they never check receipts).

What are people in the United States doing about this? Absolutely nothing. In fact, they probably have the same
amount of customers as before.

What are peoples thoughts about employers taking advantage of people (or do you even consider it taking advantage)?

Who would you like to see as a Walmart Greeter?

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