Video: The ultimate coomer

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Video: The ultimate coomer


Post by rclark » 1 month ago

Rudiger wrote:
5 months ago
That image he posted of a couple together and something like "everyone deserves someone to make them look forward to tomorrow" presumably sent to a pornstar, now that's just tragic.

At 0:11 there's this image:


Plenty of these guys facially aren't even near coomer level, they're just bald, I would guess a lot of them nowhere near 40 either. I mean it was created from some 4chan kid but still, that's the category you can put yourself in, regardless of how you look after yourself in other ways.

It's also kinda unfortunate that shaving such as a large area so regularly is quite a maintenance, yet in this context (and others) can still attribute a bald guy to being a sloppy unhygienic jerk off.

I just realised the guy in the 3rd row down and 3rd from the right is a successful actor who I think a lot of women actually fancy (can't remember his name though)

Edit: it's Corey Stoll
That's no actor! That's me!

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Video: The ultimate coomer


Post by blackg » 1 month ago

Interesting article, Yettee. The video links about the flat earth society meeting in Dallas were an eye opener.
They blame the Jews too. Why does everyone blame the Jews?
Will my America ever be great again?

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