I finally buzzed my head

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I finally buzzed my head


Post by blackg » 7 months ago

If @Hairblues posted more along with @JLBB things should pick up.

Also, @That Guy will be back soon I hope.
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I finally buzzed my head


Post by Hope4Hair » 6 months ago

It's been about a month, or just over since I shaved my head to a 0.5. It's been quite a ride. The first week or two was probably the hardest, I felt quite naked, but as time went on, people were very positive about it and in general I realised it's my issue. Not anyone else's, and that it's been way bigger in my head than anyone else's.

I remember the first night I shaved my head, I went to see some friends for a beer. One of the guys, an NW5 who I've known since age 12 said mockingly that I would never be able to grow my hair back. I think he meant either that I would find it hard to grow it back and get it past the awkward phase or that it wouldn't grow it back as well as before, or something. Anyway, I'm on a mission to prove him wrong. I still have a decent island of hair on my head, still enough to keep medium on top and short on the sides. Yeah, it doesn't look ideal but if there is one thing I've realised so far, it's that it may be better to have some hair on my head - importantly whilst it's still there - instead of trimming it down.

It's been a great experiment to shave. Namely because 1) I look half good with it, and 2) it has been confidence boosting to do it and realise that it's not such a big deal. Yet, having said all that, I do feel I may as well grow it out one more time and just keep it short ish for a few more years.

I realise most NW5s would kill to be an nw3-nw4 and have some coverage. As long as you are not going to mad comb over stage I think it's fine. Most guys around my age have shitty ish density anyway, but they all keep their hair at least medium length. It's no doubt that growing my hair back is going to be a kind of awkward phase, but I feel I have the experience to now know what it's looks like - and how it feels - to shave my head down. It means when I grow it out, I will no longer imagine but I will have memory and photos to compare it to before making any decision.

I figure by two years I will have lost a ot more density anyway, and by which point I will start shaving down anyway - so I know I'm not realistically far off, so hell, I'm going to try and make a few more years of it and see how it goes.

To all of you who are considering doing it though, I would recommend it. But my two rules are as follows; 1) please please please try and grow your beard out before you shave your head so it softens the initial shock factor - 7-10 days beard growth is optimal. For those of you who can't grow a beard, I guess that just isn't an option to consider. Then 2) I would try and start on a number 1-2. 0.5 does take some time to grow back.

I probably looked my best from a 1-2 with stubble. But on the day of the barbers visit when I pulled the trigger, I was completely clean shaven. God that was weird looking in the mirror with no hair on my face or head at all. I feel we as men need some hair as part of our look. Just my two cents anyway.

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