Drake Bell isn't so unfortunate after all

Discuss how hair loss has affected you, someone you know, or a public figure.
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Re: Drake Bell isn't so unfortunate after all

Post by Uncle Grandfather » 1 year ago

Admin wrote:
1 year ago
I understand their mindset though: when I was 20 and losing my mind over my hair loss, I found myself hoping that I had DUPA so it would mean game over forever and I could just shave it and be done with it as normie copers like to say.

What a stupid idea that was. And here I am today with 4024 grafts on my NW5 area, dermarolling on my crown with some early success (I think), putting minoxidil on my face (but bruh, wrinkles!) to get to mother of all beard and a shitload of extra supply if I ever need "emergency grafts" in the future.

And let me tell you, it's all very much worth it. Some hair is better than no hair, and getting the highest amount of hair possible with the current available methods certainly beats looking like a generic bald clone who's undergoing chemotherapy (that's for white guys like me though).

As one of my colleagues would say: "Why can't you accept yourself as a bald man?" as if that required any explanation, but it really seems that the most self-evident truths can just be explained away by the copers. They gave up, many men gave up, they're bald, wanting hair is vain so there must be something wrong with people like me, obviously.

Really? All that matters to me is the comparison between my 24 year old bald self and how I look now at 28. Put the pictures side by side and it's just unbelievable. And the change in how you're treated by other people (especially women of course) daily...



"It's just hair" is a meaningless statement. Hair matters significantly and there's no way around it. Like I said in one of my comments on reddit: "Without hair, there are some things in life you won't be able to experience anymore" like with women for example. If you're bald, no amount of muscles, golden tan and stylish clothes is going to get you noticed like having hair would, not even close.
You made the right choice. I think if you want any reassurance, just try and imagine what your life would be like if you didn't get any procedures done. Would you be one of those pathetic bot-like users on YouTube who post the same inane shit on every hair transplant/hair system video saying "dude what a waste of money, just shave it and be done with it like a man."
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