Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Impact of Hair Loss Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Post content

    1. To start off, I'm a huge believer in free speech, and I believe speech should be as untrammeled as possible. I also believe that no rule can be absolute so there are going to be exceptions, mainly repeated gratuitous and malevolent attacks against a member. I'll keep it simple and use a '3 warnings you're out' rule, which means a 30-day ban. #
    2. Bans will be permanent only for spammers and people who clearly register on this forum to cause mayhem. What I'm hoping is that the members here and myself will be involved enough to call out unreasonable hate speech if it rears its ugly head and put it into perspective. If a member keeps posting obviously misogynistic, racist, antisemitic, etc. content (ex: "women deserve to die because they won't date bald guys!") after being called out and reasoned with several times, it will eventually (after 2 warnings) result in a 30-day ban. #
    3. As a general rule, the length of the punishment will be doubled each time a user is sanctioned. The maximum ban period is 4 months. #
    4. Use the report button to report any activity matching what I described above. The forum has three moderators who will immediately be notified: blackg, Pat and kj6723 #
  2. Topic titles

    1. Titles should be as concise, informative and search engine-friendly as possible. Example: "How to counter finasteride's sexual side-effects?", not "Hey guys, huge problem with f i n, can you help me?!" For the sake of uniformity and legibility, do not put all the first word letters in capitals. I reserve myself the right to modify the title of your topic to suit those rules. Reasonable objections to my alterations will be considered. #
    2. Use the search engine to make sure that a topic about your particular topic or issue doesn't already exist. If it does, I will merge your topic with the older one. #
    3. Always try to have the outsider, the newcomer in mind when you create a topic, they need to be intelligible and to provide them with the useful information they might be searching. For this reason, topics discussing a particular member of the forum will be either removed or if possible changed into a more general topic if the reason a member was mentioned was to discuss a particular topic. #
  3. Post format

    1. Avoid huge walls of text, use paragraphs and pay attention to your spelling. Do not use caps, put your whole post in bold or post several times the same images or emojis. Delete your double posts, put the quoted posts below your replies and make sure that your images are of sufficient quality and properly embedded. #
    2. Avoid using acronyms (M P B => Male pattern baldness) and abbreviations (example: f i n => finasteride) when possible, this is again to make sure that the website is well-referenced on search engines and also to make sure that the newbies can navigate this website without the need of a glossary. To facilitate this, I will continually add acronyms to a database that's going to automatically convert them to the full letter words. I reserve the right to modify to posts to ensure that these formatting rules are met. #
  4. Members' control over content and delete requests

    1. Once you've posted content, you have a 15 minute window to delete your post (mostly to prevent double-posting) and one week to edit the content of your post. If you want specific posts to be deleted after that time period has expired, you can always contact me to request a deletion.

      The only exceptions would be:

      - The post in question is the initial post of a topic, which would also affect other members' contributions
      - The deletion of the posts would make the topic unintelligible #
    2. It is not possible to request the mass deletion of all or your posts or of your account as it would render existing discussions unintelligible. #
    3. If a member wants to change their username, they can send me a private message with that request: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose #
  5. Personal information and pictures

    1. If requested, I will always delete personal information and pictures that could potentially make a member identifiable, in accordance with the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). #
    2. This website, as any internet forum has access to its users' IP address, which are absolutely crucial to protect it from fraudulent behavior like spam, hacking attempts or other illegal activities. That information will remain strictly private and only accessible to this website's administrator. The same applies to the data collected through Google Analytics. #
    3. Posting other people's private information or pictures (doxxing) is a serious offense and will warrant a 1 month ban. #
  6. Reputation system

    1. Negative rating spamming is not allowed, if a spamming pattern (three to five -3 ratings in a row) is noted or reported, the person engaging in this behavior will have his rating ability revoked for two weeks. If you're a victim of this type of behavior, do not enter in a so-called neg war, use the report button to notify me. #
  7. Rules for the Discord server

    1. You are required to create an account with the same username on the forum #
    2. No trolling #
    3. No recurring personal attacks against a user #
    4. No misogynistic, racist, antisemitic, etc. content #
    5. No doxxing. You are not allowed to leak people's private information #
  8. Sanction log

    1. For the sake of transparency, the bans, the warnings and the reasons for the sanctions applied to members will be listed in this section:
      - That Guy: Banned until November 26th 2020 (4 months) - Reason: Repeated racial and personal attacks
      - Xexos: Banned until September 11th 2020 (2 months) - Reason: Repeated personal attacks
      - Rudiger: Banned until July 10th 2020 (1 month) - Reason: Antisemitism and repeated personal attacks
      - JLBB: Banned until August 10th 2020 (2 months) - Reason: Racism and repeated personal attacks
      - rclark: Warning - Reason: Disrespect of post format rules
      - Doc: Banned permanently - Reason: Harassment and causing mayhem
      - JLBB: Banned until April 20th 2020 (1 month) - Reason: Antisemitism
      - nameless: Banned until May 22nd 2020 (2 months) - Reason: Racism and harassment
      - That Guy: Banned until June 14th 2020 (4 months) - Reason: Antisemitism and harassment
      - Doc: Banned until March 12th 2020 (1 month) - Reason: Harassment
      - nameless: Banned until March 8th 2020 (1 month) - Reason: Racism and harassment
      - That Guy: Warning - Reason: Antisemitism
      - That Guy: Banned until January 11th 2020 (2 months) - Reason: Antisemitism, racism and harassment
      - nameless: Second warning - Reason: Racism
      - That Guy: Banned until October 8th 2019 (1 month) - Reason: Antisemitism
      - Exodus: Rating ability disabled until September 25th 2019 - Reason: negative rating spamming
      - That Guy: Second warning - Reason: Antisemitism
      - That Guy: Warning - Reason: Antisemitism
      - Exodus: Banned until August 15th 2019 (1 month) - Reason: Harassment, antisemitism and misogyny
      - Xexos: Banned until August 15th 2019 (1 month) - Reason: Harassment, antisemitism and misogyny
      - nameless: Warning + Rating ability disabled until July 13th 2019 - Reason: Harassment against members
      - Exodus: Rating ability disabled until July 18th 2019 - Reason: Negative rating spamming
      - Exodus: Warning + Rating ability disabled until April 23rd 2019 - Reason: Negative rating spamming #